We are currently planning a comeback after being inactive for over a year due to the pandemic.  See "Forthcoming Concerts" for a list of planned concerts.

08 Jun 2021  Our Conductor, Rupert Bond, works with the Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra in Czech Republic

Please see our Conductor, Rupert Bond, in action with the Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra.  The Czech text translates as follows:-

08 Jun 2021  Pandemic Restrictions.

We have recently started sectional rehearsals in person at Three Hills Sports Centre, Folkestone.  Full orchestra rehearsals may come later in June if pandemic restrictions allow.  See our "Forthcoming Concerts" page for details of our performances.

20 Mar 2021  Repertoire

The footer of each page contains our current Repertoire.

You can view and download a PDF copy by clicking on it below.

13 Mar 2021  New website with ticket sales.

You can now see our upcoming performances and purchase your tickets online.

As each performance is held we will add photographs and performance reviews.